Plant Care in a Simple, Automatic, 3-in-1 System

Waters. Warms. Aerates.

From the novice to the greenest of thumbs, every grower can reap the benefits of patent-pending My Lazy GardenerTM by AgroSciTM. It’s the only three-in-one device that:

  • Automatically waters plants
  • Provides consistent root zone temperatures
  • Aerates soil and roots
  • Maximizes yield
  • Extends your growing season

Whether it’s a raised bed full of vegetables or a stunning indoor container floral garden, with My Lazy Gardener, you’ll never give a second thought to your plants. No, it isn’t magic. It’s technology developed by a professional gardener and proven over many growing seasons.

Watch the video to see how My Lazy Gardener can take the worry out of your garden

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