It’s Time To Get Growing & Get Lazy

Automatic Watering, Aerating & Heating for Your Garden

With three sizes, patent-pending My Lazy GardenerTM automatic gardening system handles plant watering, soil aeration and root heating for virtually any grower or gardener. Whether you’re looking to nurture stunning flowers in a container garden or grow a veritable salad bar in a raised bed vegetable garden, you can reduce the time, effort and worry required to maintain healthy, high-yielding plants.

My Lazy Gardener automatic gardening system uses patent-pending SELFWTRTM technology to deliver moisture right to the roots, which eliminates guesswork and reduces water usage by 90 percent. The level of lazy is only limited by the size of your water reservoir; you can leave plants unattended for days, weeks or even months at a time. As the only three-in-one water/air/temperature management tool on the market, My Lazy Gardener does more than just take the worry out of watering. The proven agricultural science behind the system promotes the growth of good bacteria, reduces fertilizer usage, extends your growing season by up to three months and produces up to five times greater crop yield.

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