The Science & Story Behind My Lazy Gardenertm

The science behind patent-pending My Lazy GardenerTM three-in-one gardening aids was developed by AgroSciTM, an agricultural technology company that specializes in the development of root zone management products for the commercial agricultural and consumer garden markets.

The idea originated in 2006 with Mark Prescott, president, and CTO of AgroSci. He began developing ThermoplantingTM technology to extend the growing season and improve photosynthesis for tropical water lilies. The first iteration of technology was in the form of the ThermoplanterTM, which was featured in Ed Rosenthal’s indoor gardening handbook in 2010.

Improving his original design, Mark added a self-watering feature to the Thremoplanter thereby reducing water consumption and eliminating the top two causes of plant failure: under-heated root beds and under watering. In 2011, Mark modified the planter design to further improve the effectiveness and affordability of the technology by combining Thermoplanting with patent-pending SELFWTRTM irrigation and plant management science. This combination of technology became the My Lazy Gardener system.

Mark and the entire My Lazy Gardener team are in a perpetual state of research and development, designing new technology to make your gardening as easy and painless as possible. On the horizon for 2013 is a solar-powered version of our three-in-one gardening system, My Lazy Gardener Six Pack and My Lazy Gardener Water Bag.

For more information on AgroSci and My Lazy Gardener or questions about new developments, contact us.